Compound Token Distribution 📈, APR & Volumes Exploding 🚀, Smart Wallet Market Analysis 🔎

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This week, DeFi was on fire - the launch of COMP shook up the lending markets and yield chasing became a new discipline of Olympic scale overnight. So in this episode, we discuss liquidity mining & its impact on markets.

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Topic 1: COMP Launches & Liquidity Mining:

COMP Distribution Dashboard

Maximize your COMPensation

Celsius supplying ~22M USDT to Compound
Liquidity Mining on Balancer

Topic 2: APR & Volumes Exploding:

Curve breaking records volume

New BTC Yield Farming Pool from Synthetix, Curve, and Ren

Topic 3: Content Shoutout - Smart Contract Wallet Market Analysis:

Smart Wallet: New Paradigm for Blockchain Account System

Digifox Wallet

Other links

Amazing Synthetix x UMA founders discussion hosted by Marc Zeller (Aave)

We hope you enjoyed this edition - packed as always, and we'll see you next week!

- Abel & Brice