Trustless Stablecoins💰, BTC on Ethereum ₿ & DeRisking DeFi 🛡️

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In this weekly catchup, we focused on three growing DeFi trends: the emergence of new credibly trustless stablecoins, the arrival of BTC on Ethereum through tokenisation and the DeRisking of DeFi with guarded launches.

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Topic 1: Trustless Stablecoins, after DAI?

  • sUSD usage picked up (-> Curve Pool)

  • RAI (MetaCoin/Reflexer) & iDOL (Lien.Finance): no over-collateralization + governance minimised

  • Lien.Finance: 2 synthetic assets to "crystalise" inertia (SBT) and volatility (LBT)

  • MetaCoin - uses Reflex Bonds to deliver a "more stable" version of ETH then used as collateral for a stablecoin (RAI)

Topic 2: BTCs on Ethereum? - Dashboard

Topic 3: DeRisking DeFi: Guarded Launches + Uniswap V2

Closing Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this edition - packed full of interesting topics as always, and we'll see you next week!

- Abel & Brice